Nick Foles is out here skipping meals to make sure every Eagles fan gets a signed copy of his book.

I like the whole NFL Rooney Rule—which the thing, what I like so much about it is, they didn’t oblige them to hire them. But it was really, you have to interview them because it’s about the prejudice. I am convinced that the prejudice is the first step, that we can still influence those that have those kinds of thoughts. … I think if [a Rooney Rule] is implemented in a more systematic way, I think that would also give us a chance then to get into such processes and say, ‘OK, if you have three interviews, make sure you also have to interview a minority group.’ And that would be something that could help improve the situation as well.

These are just people that are making problems and that’s it. It’s either for violence or racist behavior and then, a lot of times, they are blaming the clubs. The clubs are getting fined and everything and I don’t know the effect of that.

But first the CB summit, and the most important thing on the docket that weekend: For 90 minutes, the five corners broke down their own film and explained the methods that make them exceptional. Slay went into detail on how he interprets different 3×1 formations. Rhodes broke down when and how to be aggressive in man coverage. Talib explained how he disguises coverages and sits on routes, leading to 10 interceptions returned for touchdowns in his career, putting him at fourth all-time behind Rod Woodson (12), Darren Sharper (11) and Charles Woodson (11). Talib is great at taking the call coach gives you and using it to effect on the field, Slay says. He has a lot of pick-sixes because he sits on a lot of routes and jumps them. He’s great at route recognition and understanding how to use the call against them.

They were all there to pick Sherman’s brain on fade routes; the former Seahawks cornerback (that feels weird to say, doesn’t it?) is renowned in the NFL defensive back community for being the best in the business at not only defending fade passes, but also intercepting them. He estimates two-thirds of his 32 career interceptions have come on this single route.

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