The Magic are in a similar position to the Clippers but with fewer expiring contracts.

How much Orlando values its cap flexibility in 2019 could determine the futures of Nikola Vucevic ($12.75 million) and Terrence Ross ($10.5 million). Despite the Magic having the potential for $30 million in space next summer, they can do their free-agent shopping one year early and turn both contracts into something of value even if it does reduce spending in 2019.

Vucevic has appeal not only because his salary ranks outside of the top 20 among starting centers but because of his consistency since his arrival in Orlando. Still, the addition of Mohamed Bamba signaled that the Magic are focused more on the future.

What is the value of veterans on expiring contracts? That is the question Phoenix has to answer regarding Tyson Chandler ($13.5 million) and Jared Dudley ($9.5 million).

Yet losing Tavares rips the heart out of the current lineup, and it was a lineup fraught with problems to begin, from the crease out.

Their focus, their future … it’s all reshaped and shifted. Perhaps that’ll be liberating, what with the cap space they’ll have to play with. But the path to contention was much clearer with Tavares leading the charge.

The Sharks were runners-up for Tavares but won the shade-throwing competition, as GM Doug Wilson expressed disappointment in his decision but thanked his own players for having continually chosen to bypass a chance at unrestricted free agency in recent years because they want to play in San Jose. Hey, enjoy Canada, John. We’re good …

The Sharks now turn their attention to the Joes: Pavelski, their 34-year-old star who has one year left on this contract; and Thornton, a free agent whom they hope will return for another season despite some wonky health.

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