the Broncos elect not to trade Tim Tebow without a veteran like Manning at the helm.

Instead, they sign Jason Campbell, one of the only other veteran quarterbacks on the market, to add competition. They also pass on drafting a quarterback. Campbell doesn’t play well enough to wrestle the job away from the fan favorite, and Tebow gets the starting job again in 2012.

In an AFC West that doesn’t feature another team with a winning record, the Broncos sneak into the playoffs again, but there’s no Pittsburgh Steelers miracle this time. Instead, Denver is punted from the postseason in the Wild Card round with another playoff blowout.

The bill in the New York State Assembly makes compromises on the subject. It says sportsbooks can use whichever data sources they want to determine the outcome of straight-up bets on winners and losers. But for in-game betting on specific events, the New York bill requires the books to buy the data from the leagues. Some states are likely to settle all the way on one side or the other, pleasing either the leagues or the gaming industry.

The leagues need to conduct an assessment — I’m sure they already have — of what assets do they have that are very part and parcel to a sports gambling business that they can use as negotiating chips to extract things such as an integrity fee, access to bettor data directly rather than through some commission, things like that, Etna says.

If Romo had signed with the Texans, it’s certainly possible they wouldn’t have wanted to give up so much draft capital to trade up to get Watson. But let’s look at why the 2017 national championship hero still would’ve been worth parting with a future first-round pick:

Romo would have been 36 going on 37, like an older, less mellifluous Liesl von Trapp. His latest injury was a broken bone in his back, less than three years after he underwent surgery for a herniated disk. He hadn’t been healthy for a full season since 2012 and had only played in five games in the previous two seasons.

Hey man, you get him between the lines, get the ball in your hand, I don’t give a damn what anybody says. It’s time to work. So no, I don’t think we’ll be able to hit him too hard, but I’m going to hit his ass.

He’s a good dude. Obviously, I’ve played in a 3-4 before under [New York Jets Head] Coach [Todd] Bowles, and Coach Bettcher and Bowles worked together, so I have a lot of familiarity with the system. It’s just all about reaching in that memory bank. Everything I was told to forget, I’ve got to remember again.

Obviously, in some sets, it will be different, but it’s no different for the guys in the interior. It’s more so for the outside linebackers. Outside linebackers who are still defensive ends. So, yeah, I think people just think about it too much, they put too much into it. There’s really no difference at all.

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