Courtney Conlogue: ‘Being a strong woman is a good thing’

Becoming the world’s top-ranked surfer is no day at the beach. Courtney Conlogue talks to Body Issue reporter Morty Ain about burning calories, breathing underwater and learning to love her body.

I think about it in the National Football League, why guys don’t play two positions? I figure if J.J. Watt played quarterback if he was able to throw the ball like Ben Roethlisberger, which I’ve seen him do and then if he were able to go over and play defense full time, you’d have to pay J.J. Watt $220 million.

I’ve been a geek my whole life. I had glasses, I had a ducktail, my mom would dress me funny. I was smart, I was good at video games, I read books, I watched the Discovery Channel. I was good at sports, but I was a geek. When everybody said something, I always questioned I’d question it and do research on what they were saying. I liked to know facts. As I grew older, that’s what set me apart from everybody else.

After the NFL recently passed a rule that requires players to stand for the anthem or, if they choose, stay in the locker room or face fines and other potential ramifications, Vernon says that he hasn’t finalized how he’ll handle pre-game this season, but admits that the rule has already impacted his thinking.

I’m not trying to get fined, so, no, Vernon said, when asked at Landon Collins’ Charity Softball Game, if he plans to kneel this season.

Despite the fact that he won’t kneel, Vernon says that he still hasn’t decided whether he will remain in the locker room and that he’s disappointed that the league instituted the rule in the first place.

You never want to be told what to do really, Vernon said. Especially when it comes to your freedom of speech. But, it is what it is. We haven’t really gotten too in depth into the rule.

There remains plenty of ambiguity across the NFLĀ in terms of the rule, including Jets chairman Christopher Johnson saying that he will pay the fines of any Jets players who opt to kneel and run afoul of the league.

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