WATCH: Odell Beckham’s campers pull out stops to mimic Giants star’s move, style

The running joke at the Odell Beckham Jr. Football ProCamp was nobody had more energy than the hype man barking instructions to campers on the microphone.

But the namesake host sure came close.

I mean my family’s first and foremost, he said. So I got to make sure I’m a good dad here and a good husband for a little while and then we’ll be back to camp before we know it.

It’s not about realizing that goal as much as it is something worth chasing.

Part of the reason Barkley and Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. bonded even before they were teammates is because of that shared mindset, and that approach has helped the 21-year-old from Penn State clear hurdles that traditionally stunt the growth of young running backs when they arrive in the NFL.

I met with Coach Ash, Blazek, Robinson, and Boone at Rutgers yesterday, Franks told I spent some time with the players eating lunch and it was really cool to see what my potential future teammates are like and they were are really cool guys. I got to ask them some questions about what it’s like in the transition from high school football to college football and what it takes.

Ultimately, Rutgers was able to address multiple areas that the staff hadn’t touched on in Frank’s recruitment, elevating itself up his gargantuan list of offers.

It was a great visit, overall. I loved the food. The people were great and I also had a meeting with Mrs. Christine in the Business school so that was really cool, too. The visit to Rutgers has helped them in my mind. I had a good time on the banks.

It appears Franks’ recruitment could role into the 2018 season, as he still has lots to assess.

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