Giants rookie Will Hernandez won’t back down from a scuffle | ‘Sometimes we are going to butt heads’

Good luck to the teammate tasked with giving offensive guard Will Hernandez his embarrassing assignment whenever the Giants ‘ veterans decide to poke fun at their rookies.

It could get ugly.

White voters believe players don’t have the right to protest, via a narrower gap of 53-43. And while all American voters support the NFL’s new anthem policy (51-42), all American voters oppose fining teams if players on the field fail to stand for the anthem, by a 51-44 margin. None of this is surprising, but it underscores the fact that the NFL, for whatever reason, has opted to listen to only one side, with Steelers owner Art Rooney recently claiming that the vast majority of our fans oppose players protesting during the anthem. The NFL’s own secret research contradicted this, and the new Quinnipiac poll does, too. And if the NFL plans to continue to heed only one segment of the fan base while ignoring those who feel differently, those fans eventually may vote with their eyes, ears, and wallets.

It’s obviously important for everybody, Brady said of OTAs. The coaches do a great job of getting us ready. It was just some personal reasons for me (that kept him out). But I’m here now and I’m focused on what I need to do, as I always am, and I’m looking forward to this year.

Money tends to be a sticking point and a reason for players to stay away from OTAs. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, and with Brady approaching 41 years old in August, perhaps a compensation issue would be to blame?

I’ve never talked about my contract, Brady said. I’ve never brought up money for a lot of reasons that I’ve said over the years. Those things are very personal.

A theme is emerging here: It’s personal.

There’s been rumblings of a rift between Brady and head coach Bill Belichick in recent months, which could also qualify as personal, so naturally Brady was asked about that dynamic and whether his personal reason for missing OTAs had to do with the coach. Predictably, Brady responded with not at all, I mean, no.

So what is the status of that relationship, Tom?

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