Brandon Marshall is switching coasts in his pursuit of a Hall of Fame jacket.

eagles_088After spending last season with the Giants and the previous two with the Jets, Marshall signed Tuesday with the Seahawks. The deal reportedly is for one year and worth $2 million.

Here’s the proof:

He doesn’t think it has anything to do with pressure of playing in New York or dealing with some boos here and there.

I just don’t think he’s got into that long stretch where he’s that MVP that everyone wants to see, Boone said. To me, that’s about timing and rhythm. For as many ups and downs that he’s had so far, he’s been really productive for us.

So I just don’t think from a timing standpoint he’s ever really got it completely locked in like I know that he will at some point. And I think there will be that stretch – that few-week stretch, that month stretch – where he’s really locked in from a timing standpoint and you’ll see the massive production happen on a more consistent basis.

The fun part about this was how many of the respondents wanted to know where whoever won this GOAT argument falls among the other GOATs of our time. It was too irresistible an idea to ignore, so here’s One Man’s List of all the GOATs from the four major team sports, plus soccer (which, admittedly, was an easy one) to the four key individual sports, plus one under the general heading Olympian (again, admittedly, an easy one). Here’s mine. Hoping to hear from you, and soon:

1. Roger Federer, men’s tennis: Not only has he won 20 grand slams, a staggering record, there is an awfully good chance that won’t be his final total. Add to the fact he is an such absolute gentleman both on and off the court that even fans of contemporaries like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic limit themselves to rooting for their guys and not hooting Federer. I hope we have fully appreciated what we’ve had with Federer through the years.

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