Terrance Williams arrested on intoxication charge

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor public intoxication Saturday after a car registered to him was found crashed into a light pole, police confirmed to NFL.com.

Williams was arrested by police in Frisco, Texas, near his residence a short time after the crash. He was released from the Frisco Detention Center after posting $369 bond.

The incident remains under investigation, police said. There’s a chance Williams could face additional charges if police determine he was driving the car at the time of the crash.

His free-wheeling style was perfect for Texas A&M, and it should translate well to the larger CFL field too. That’s assuming he hasn’t lost most of his skills during a long layoff. However, it’s also easy to see Manziel, assuming he’s focused and in shape, doing the same things on a CFL field that helped win him a Heisman Trophy. The CFL has been interested in Manziel for a while.

My 7 1/2-year-old nephew was offered 10 extra-credit points (in school) if he wore anything regarding Cleveland yesterday, and he went all green, Stevens said. “And three years ago, I think he was all Cleveland stuff. So we’re making strides with him. But yeah, we have a large contingent. Maybe they’ll get some of those (Game 3 giveaway) yellow shirts and pass them around to some people who haven’t completely converted to rooting for the Celtics yet.”

There’s nothing about the playoffs that’s comfortable until you either win it all or you lose and go into the summer, he said.

Summer might not be as close as it once seemed.

It was three days of stewing on Game 2, Korver said. “It probably did something good in us. It’s frustrating to have to wait that long for another game. We were able to put in some new things on offense, too.”

Before the game, Stevens downplayed his team’s road issues, saying there was a “small sample size.”

It got a little bigger, and a little more troubling. Still, he won’t focus on Boston’s road woes. cowboys_062

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