49ers sign Marquise Goodwin to three-year extension

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t the only member of the 49ers offense with a new deal from the team.

The 49ers announced that they have signed wide receiver Marquise Goodwin to a three-year extension through the 2021 season. Josina Anderson of ESPN reports the deal is worth $20.3 million with $10 million in guaranteed money.

In the four games Fultz played before taking his extended absence from the line-up following a game against the Pistons on Oct. 23 he averaged six points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game without attempting a single three-pointer.

Going forward, depending on Fultz’s performance and readiness, it is possible his minutes increase and he plays a larger role as the Sixers currently in fourth-place in the Eastern Conference standings make a push to win in the postseason.

With Fultz in the rotation, this might cut into the playing time of reserve point guard T.J. McConnell, who will spend some time playing off the ball with Fultz around.

Not long after Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue as Commissioner in 2006, word quickly spread that the new regime wasn’t doing deals like the prior regime did regarding ers starting at suspensions. Goodell quickly developed the reputation of enforcer, fighting tooth and nail instead of working to find middle ground on matters of er discipline.

In the Cowboys case, Goodell had the same kind of judge/jury/executioner power that ers have complained about for years. Goodell could have found that Jones must pay 100 cents on the dollar, and Jones would have had no recourse.

But Jones got a chance to settle. To resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all parties. To create the impression of a win-win, when the approach with ers is always the zero-sum game of win-lose.

Maybe Goodell and the Finance Committee (which also presided over the hearing, a curious twist that previously hadn’t been reported or disclosed) hoped to avoid Jones taking the full-blown L and then spouting off to the media that the outcome confirms his concerns about the power of the league office run amok. Regardless, the perception of a double standard has become a slice of reality in this case.jets_115