Ravens Have a Major Joe Flacco Problem

The Baltimore Ravens have a major Joe Flacco problem, even if they don’t realize it or want to admit it. Since going on his four-game streak to win the Super Bowl after the 2012 season, and getting a big contract, Flacco has been among the worst regular starters in the NFL, and the Ravens have not won another playoff game.

Last year, he averaged 5.7 yards per pass attempt. Let’s put that in some perspective. Ryan Leaf’s career yards per attempt was 5.6, and JaMarcus Russell’s was 6.0.

You want players from the teams that will advance the furthest. This is pretty obvious, as more games played equals more points. Of the 29 players who scored more than 10 points during last season’s playoffs, only four weren’t on teams that made the conference finals.

Swearinger then pointed out that a secondary can only shine if the defense has strength up front and the ability to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

In the 12th, a poor decision to throw to third base on a bunt by Brett Gardner loaded the bases with nobody out.

Earlier, a throwing error by Orioles starter Mike Wright Jr. led to three unearned runs when the Yankees used a lot of seeing-eye hits and bloops to build a 5-0 first-inning lead.

The Orioles later gifted the Yankees another run in the fifth when shortstop Manny Machado lollygagged fielding a two-out grounder, Jace Peterson beat it out, the inning went on and Austin Romine followed with an RBI single to make it a 6-4 ballgame.

Here’s more good fortune: Aaron Judge singled in the eighth when his groundball hit first base and caromed away from Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini.

The Yankees didn’t take advantage. bills_054

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