Aaron Donald is training to become a better pass rusher by… dodging knives!

Los Angeles defensive tackle Aaron Donald has a strong argument as the best player in the NFL after winning the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2017. So who am I to question what he does to hone his craft But here I am, questioning what he does to hone his craft.

The video was posted by DeWayne Brown of Two Tenths Speed and Agility. In a later tweet, he confirmed that, yep, those are knives that Donald is dodging.

There have been plenty of rules implemented in the NFL that protect offensive players and make life difficult for defensive players. Lineman may use kitchen knives to protect their quarterbacks was not one of those rules.

The Dolphins are much worse with Tannehill and without Landry and Suh than without Tannehill and with Landry and Suh, but they’re not about to contend either way, so it’s hard to blame them for deciding to save some money in order to focus on the future.

There’s been talk, per DraftAnalyst.com’s Tony Pauline, that the Dolphins could draft a quarterback in the first round, which would likely only hurt their projected win total for 2018. Regardless, a team that ranked in the bottom five defensively with Suh the last two years could have trouble matching its 6-10 record from 2017.

And what’s the protocol for those times when a starting linebacker disappears the night before a game and the team is on edge as it fears the absolute worst

If he has time during what’s left of this offseason, maybe Adam Gase can write some helpful additions to that handbook now that he’s survived coaching the 2017 Miami Dolphins. The insanity of that season was such that losing the starting quarterback and middle linebacker to preseason knee injuries barely registers.

I think we had a lot of, he said, stopping to think of the right way to put it.

There were a lot of little, he said before starting over again.

This isn’t such an easy thing to explain.jets_032

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